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The Dangerous Food Production in Africa*

There is nothing as important and more powerful than producing your own food. In fact, every great civilization known in the history of mankind so far has “sufficiency in food production” as the basic mark of its rising. As it has always been the case, when they are able to have enough healthy food to eat, then they are able to have enough powerful brain to think and organise to build a powerful nation.

Unfortunately, in this era of superior brainwashing, not only is Africa losing our identity, freedom, or our self-esteem, more than ever, we are speedily losing legitimacy over our food production and food sovereignty

Our farmers are being deceived to abandon our natural seeds which are compatible with our climate and environment for modified seeds that will put us on a perpetual dependency on others because these modified seeds are engineered for single unit cultivation. Going forward, our farmers will, therefore, have to buy seeds for cultivation every year from these seeds engineers and plant modifyers and in the future, when we have completely lost our seed banks, they will decide whether they will allow us to produce food to feed ourselves or not. Think about how dangerous food war is.

When I was a child, it was difficult for me to step out anytime it rains because there were so many different earthworms that came out, which I was so afraid of. My dad used to tell me that they are good for the earth and they help us to get food to eat. Today, when it raine anywhere in our districts,rural areas and probably many parts of Africa, no such worms or insects are seen, snails are not even in the bushes and in our forest any longer due to harmful chemicals we have adopted for use in our farming and food production.

Apart from killing the insects and other earthly organisms that help our natural food production, these chemicals are killing our youth at an unimaginable rate. Today, kidney and other internal organ related diseases have become the highest factor, causing the death of many African youth. We are now living in a society where what we eat lead us to sick beds and death instead of eating to gain health.

The danger is here for us all to see, and we have a duty to do something to save ourselves and our future. We can not fail the next generations no matter what! We must critically ask ourselves, can we survive the food war when it begins in the next 30, 50, or 100 years?

If we can not, then before it is too late, we must educate our farmers on these dangers which are before us, we must protect our natural and organic seed, and we must secure our lands.

To achieve all this, we need governments which are led by people who have a deeper understanding of the situation, governments which are led by people who are dedicated to the African Agenda and African interests. We need governments which are loyal and responsible to the African people rather than multinational corperations and their profit gains.

We must all be determined to bring all governments in power across Africa to protect the African interests.

Learn or Perish..!




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