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Mozambique braces up for Tropical Cyclone Freddy

Mozambicans are bracing for more heavy rains as another tropical cyclone gathers pace in the Indian Ocean and tracks towards the southeastern African coastline.

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has made an early return home from the African Union summit in order to monitor his country’s response to heavy rains and the looming Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

The National Institute of Meteorology has warned that Tropical Cyclone Freddy could make landfall in Mozambique by February 24 .

The UN said it could affect as many as two million people.

President Nyusi expressed optimism at his country’s experience in dealing with the effects of heavy rains and cyclones.

It has been predicted that the cyclone would make its first landfall in Madagascar on Tuesday and is then expected to re-enter the Mozambican Channel where it is expected to rejuvenate its energy and progress towards the Mozambican coastline.

It is expected to make landfall near the Mozambican city of Beira in the early hours of Friday.

This would be the second cyclone to hit Mozambique this year following Cyclone that pummelled parts of the country in late January.



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