Sunday, September 24, 2023
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120 Presidential boreholes drilled in Harare

ONE hundred and twenty solarised Presidential boreholes have been drilled across Harare Metropolitan province with several others on the cards as President Mnangagwa continues to bail out desperate residents facing acute water shortages blamed on the ineptitude of the CCC-led local authority.

The drilling exercise has been temporarily suspended and will resume after the rainy season.

Our crew visited one of the boreholes in Epworth where residents heaped praise on the President for the drilling and installation of state-of-the-art solarised boreholes with residents having access to tap water.

Prevail Group chief executive Mr Paul Tungwarara, whose company is behind the drilling of the boreholes, said:

“The programme is progressing well and we have so far drilled 120 solarised boreholes across Harare and more will be drilled once the rainy season is over,” he said.

The residents have applauded President Mnangagwa for tackling water challenges after the CCC-led council failed to provide potable water to residents.

“We would like to thank President Mngangagwa for this initiative. We have been facing water challenges for a long time. We used to fetch water from unprotected wells but now we are getting fresh clean water from the tap. Everyone now has access to clean water at any time,” said Mr Maximillian Mberengwa of Epworth.

Another resident, Mrs Pedzisai Paratema, echoed the same sentiments, saying the boreholes had brought relief to Epworth.

“We would like to thank our benevolent President for drilling boreholes in this area. We are very happy because when we used to visit wells to fetch water we would spend the whole day queuing to fill up a 20-litre bucket. President Mnangagwa has the concerns of the people at heart and we are grateful for his visionary leadership,” she said.

Mrs Phillipa Mazhindu said the boreholes have brought convenience in Epworth as they have not been receiving water for a long period.

“Our President is doing wonders. He is working hard to make sure that people’s concerns are addressed. We women used to have a heavy burden of carrying buckets in wheels barrows and pushcarts to go and fetch water from unprotected sources, but now we have boreholes which provide clean and safe water.

“Nowadays Epworth looks like any other high density suburb because we now have boreholes just like them. We can now send our children to fetch water without any worries that they will fall into a well because it is now available from taps,” she said.
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