Distributed Power Africa (DPA) recently commissioned the 1MW roof top solar plant at Schweppes Willowvale, Harare last week.  The top beverage manufacturer Schweppes adopted green energy to power their manufacturing operations in Willowvale as part of their sustainability strategy.

DPA has engineered and constructed several solar projects across Zimbabwe, and Schweppes is their largest commercial and industrial project to date.

The Schweppes Harare solar plant alone is the largest single self-consumption solar plant in Zimbabwe, and the SADC region outside South Africa. The Beverage manufacturer, which was mainly powered by diesel generators, has also signed up for solar installations at their Bulawayo, Beitbridge and Ruwa operations.

The adoption of solar power means that the business will save 30% on its blended power costs which will improve operational efficiencies in their processes.

This strategy to go Green also has an environmental impact, with a huge contribution to the reduction of the country’s carbon footprint.

DPA has several Global technology partners, such as EDF which are enabling larger projects sized from 5MW to 20MW, and Tesla whose battery technology is supporting off-grid solar offering to commercial and industrial customers.  Distributed Power Africa provides solar solutions at Zero upfront investment on a lease agreement and guarantees customers no technical risk through the best technology.

As part of the lease DPA takes full responsibility for engineering, procurement, installation, monitoring, maintenance, warranties and insurance.

The Zimbabwe government is in support of renewable energy adoption, and recently removed import duties on solar-equipment and accessories.

The regulator also introduced net metering to allow companies with solar energy systems to feed back to the national grid, and reduce their power utility bills while also contributing to the national power supply.

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