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Zim First Lady leads tree planting programme in Mudzi

Zimbabwe First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa has called on communities across the country to value the importance of trees as they are a critical component of human life.

Amai Mnangagwa made the call in a speech read on her behalf by the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Mashonaland East Province Aplonia Munzverengwi during a tree planting programme held in Gatakata Village in Mudzi last week.

“This programme was officially launched by President Mnangagwa in Mberengwa. Trees are important to us and we cannot separate ourselves from them. We must always unite to preserve trees and grow more in our communities.

“Let me thank the Forestry Commission, Government departments and our friends in the business community for making it a success.

In her speech, the First Lady said: “As the Patron for Environment, I am aware that it is important for us to unite and ensure the restoration of the environment, also across the country.

“My wish is wherever I go with this programme, the community will take it upon themselves to continue planting even more trees and i urge everyone throughout the country to start planting trees guided by experts from the Forestry Commission.”

Amai Mnangagwa said the Second Republic is committed to ensuring food security for everyone hence the launch of the Presidential Rural Horticulture Development Programme on December 16, 2021 in Jinjika Village, Mangwe.

“Through this programming, every rural household is expected to plant ten fruit trees as from last year to 2025. The objective is to ensure food security and a healthy life for families.

“We expect that 21 million trees will be given to about 1,8 million households, 25 000 village nutrition gardens and 9 600 school orchards.”

The theme for the event was, “Trees and Forests for Ecosystem Restoration and Improved Livelihoods.

“Trees will ensure we have a good life. As you know, various animals and insects live in the environment so if we keep our environment, we also protect these animals and insects.

“Our theme resonates well with the United Nations vision that we must restore the environment to where it was before we started destroying it. This is achievable if we work together in planting more trees and protecting the existing ones.

“If we work together on this, we can wipe away poverty and also reduce climate change and assist also in keeping all that life which depends on the environment.

“There is a lot that we benefit from trees but in short let me hasten to say together we have a duty to protect the environment,” she said.

Through her representative, the First Lady planted a musekesa (monkey bread) tree which she said played various critical roles health wise.

She challenged the Mashonaland East Province to plant trees for multiple purposes.



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