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Wheat preps intensify

DISBURSEMENT of winter wheat inputs to cover over for the 2022/23 winter wheat season command agriculture has started, with all farmers who paid back 80 percent of their loans eligible to collect inputs.
The command agriculture bankroller, CBZ Agro-Yield says it is ready to disburse a full package of inputs to cover an initial 45 000 hectares.
The programmes managing director, Mr Walter Chigodora outlined how the farmers can access the inputs for the winter cropping season.
“We have a full package and those who have paid up to 80 percent are eligible to start accessing the inputs. We are giving full package from planting to harvesting,” he said.
To ensure maximum production and output, the programmes has roped in MAKA Irrigation Company to rehabilitate and install irrigation infrastructure countrywide.
“We have engaged MAKA irrigation to upgrade all irrigation as we target 100 hectares of wheat going forward. Irrigation will also enable farmers produce good yields,’’ said Mr Chigodora.
Government has already announced a lucrative pre-planting wheat producer price of ZW$193 000 with a target of 75 000 hectares this season. *Zbcnews*


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