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Vaccination blitz: Zim reaches 10m dose mark

ZIMBABWE has now administered 10 million jabs of Covid-19 vaccines with more than half the targeted population aged 12 and over now having had their first dose, a pair of major milestones in the national programme
According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health and Child Care, the total number of doses administered reached 10 009 053 on Thursday last week with almost 20 percent of those given since the start of the major blitz launched on March 21.
But more importantly by Saturday, 51,8 percent of the targeted population aged 12 and over, the age groups cleared for safe vaccination, had received their first dose, and so entered the vaccination programme, with the half-way mark reached just over two weeks ago on April 7.
By Saturday 5 822 347 people had entered the programme by accepting their first dose. Of those, 3 632 110 have now had their second dose, so about 32,31 percent of the targeted population are fully protected and are allowed a lot more freedom of association and movement.
And of those with the full vaccination, 578 222 have gone for their third and booster shot, about 5,14 percent of the total targeted group.
While there is still a very large gap between those who have had their first shot but not the second, almost 2,2 million, that gap is expected to close rapidly early next month as children go back to school and the second phase of the blitz sees the large number vaccinated at the end of March and beginning of April, line up routinely for the second shot.
However there is still a large group, of close to 1 million, who had their first dose well before the blitz but have yet to go back for a second shot. Medical authorities are urging them to take advantage of the teams out for the second phase of the blitz to get fully protected or just go to their nearest vaccination centre where teams are waiting.
Having had their first shot, they are obviously not in the group resisting vaccination and so just need to make the effort.
Fully vaccinated people with two shots are now able to travel in and out of Zimbabwe without having to get an expensive PCR negative test and are able to go to restaurants, bars and nightclubs and can play and watch sport. So there are a lot of advantages. They can also work in the civil service, where vaccination is compulsory.
– *Herald*


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