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Kunzvi Dam now 40pc complete

Construction of Kunzvi Dam north east of Harare is progressing well, with the contractor saying it was now almost 40 percent complete.

The work is now nearing the stage when a pump station, treatment works and pipeline will be able to send treated water directly into northern and eastern Harare, and also serve Chitungwiza.
Kunzvi Dam is the first Harare water supply dam not on the Manyame River and being on the opposite side of the metropolitan area from Morton Jaffray Water Works and Lakes Chivero and Manyame will be able to serve the higher altitude areas furthest from that water works.
Both Chitungwiza and Ruwa will benefit from Kunzvi Dam situated on the confluence of the Nora and Nyaguwe rivers in Goromonzi district, with a lot of the existing bulk water infrastructure that the two should be using already in place in eastern Harare.
Speaking during an interactive meeting with local authorities in Harare on Monday, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Harare Oliver Chidawu said significant progress was being made in construction of the dam.
The province had seen a steady decline in service delivery to residents, with the water supply in Chitungwiza being erratic for some time, until the Government’s intervention through devolution funds has seen some boreholes being drilled in the area and either very bad, non-existent or very intermittent in northern and eastern Harare.
More boreholes have since been drilled under the Presidential Borehole Scheme.
Said Minister Chidawu: “The boreholes including some drilled across Harare through the President’s Borehole Drilling Scheme are a stopgap measure while the Government constructs Kunzvi Dam to provide a raw water source for residents of Harare.
“(On) Kunzvi, we are almost 39 to 40 percent. We have already started and the contractor is on site. We are making progress,” he said.
Kunzvi Dam was planned decades ago but was continually postponed, mainly over financing and a false belief that the existing water sources were adequate. China’s Nancheng Engineering was awarded the tender last year, and significant progress has been recorded, as the Second Republic fulfils its promises towards turning the country into an upper middle income economy by 2030 and in line with the National Development Strategy 1.


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