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Involve youths in climate change discourse: Activists

Climate change activists have called on the government of Zimbabwe to find ways of promoting the participation of young people in climate change intervention activities so as to tap into their knowledge and innovativeness.
Climate change activist from Environmental Rights Advocacy Trust, Lisa Chitura expressed concern that young people in rural and urban agricultural communities know about climate change but are ignorant on intervention mechanisms.
“We engaged young people in agriculture and they are aware of climate change but they said they will keep on doing what they have been doing all these years.
This means we need to teach them new ways they can use as a way to adapt to climate change,” she said.
Chitura also added that they is a gap that needs to be addressed which has caused most youths not to participate in the climate change policy process.
“Most people who participate in climate change issues are mostly those who did geography and environmental science of which these issues affect everyone.
 We need to come up with methods to engage young people at an early age so that they can help us come up with innovations and solutions on how to tackle climate change issues,” she added.
In Zimbabwe, young people constitute 60 percent of the total population which means their actions will add a quantitative value of climate ambition.
According to the Constitution of Zimbabwe, Section 20 calls for the State and all government agencies and institutions to ensure that youths have opportunities to associate, be represented and participate in all spheres of life while section 73 gives every person the right to have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations. *263Chat*


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