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Invest In Irrigation Infrastructure, Farmers Urged

Smallholder and communal farmers have been urged to invest in irrigation infrastructure as a way of cushioning themselves from erratic rainfall patterns and droughts.
Zimbabwe Farmers’ Union (ZFU) provincial manager Mr Dennis Chiserure said for sustainable and successful agricultural enterprises, farmers require reliable perennial water supply.
He called on them to not solely rely on rainfed activities or dryland farming.
“We are calling on smallholder and communal farmers to invest in irrigation infrastructure. This is one of the key strategies of sustainable farming, which in turn enhances food and nutrition security as well as improve livelihoods at household level.
“Owing to the climate change phenomenon, rainfall patterns sometimes become erratic and this has negative effects on successful farming. Irrigation then becomes a critical supplement necessary for farming as it mitigates against droughts and mid-season dry spells,” said Mr Chiserure.
He added that having functional irrigation infrastructure also makes it possible for farmers to grow crops all year round.


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