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Health Budget Expenditure At 22 Percent: Govt

The government’s prioritisation of health service delivery has been commended by development partners, amid calls for long term investment in the sector.

To ensure that health financing remains on the national development Agenda, UNICEF and the World Health Organisation in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Economics Society convened a high-level policy dialogue on health care sector funding this Wednesday.

“Zimbabwe is one of the few African countries which has paid for its vaccines. This shows the government’s commitment to a healthy nation. Discussing health financing is also about making the right decisions that will make health cheaper for everyone,” said Dr Aboubacar Kampo, UNICEF Global Director of Health.

“This pandemic has been the worst. Because of the pandemic countries have to spend more. How Zimbabwe can move to lessen the impact and to regain progress towards universal health coverage as enunciated in the NDS1,” said Dr Alex Gasasira, WHO country representative.

The government says it remains committed to the health and well-being of its citizens.

“Zimbabwe’s priority towards health is well articulated under NDS1. Health underpins everything. Although the budget states that 13 percent was allocated to the sector but expenditure is at 22 pecent in reality, we are above the Abuja target,” said Dr Amon Murwira, the Acting Minister of Health and Child Care.

“The NDS 1 forms the backbone of the government thrust on health. How do we pandemic proof ourselves? By 2025 our per capita expenditure on health should be at 86,” said Honourable Clemence Maduwa the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development.

Besides budgetary allocation to the health sector, the government also availed one hundred million United States dollars towards procurement of COVID-19 vaccines. *Zimpapers*



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