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Glen View Faces Fresh Cholera Outbreak

RESIDENTS of Harare’s Glen View high-density suburb are at risk of other outbreaks of waterborne diseases as most parts are experiencing recurrent sewer bursts, health experts have warned.
In 2018, the suburb experienced a cholera outbreak which affected about 9 100 residents. In 2008, the country experienced its worst cholera outbreak which claimed more than 4 000 people, with Glen View and Budiriro being the epicentres of the mediaeval disease.
The Community Water Alliance (CWA) yesterday called for prompt repairs of burst sewage pipes in Glen View to avert a humanitarian crisis. CWA spokesperson Christopher Gohori told NewsDay that delays to repair burst sewers by the City of Harare would expose residents to cholera and typhoid.
“We have had cholera cases in 2008 and in 2018, and there were many deaths; which tells us that Glen View and Budiriro are prone to these diseases. This is dangerous considering we are now in the rainy season, the sewage will seep into the water table contaminating it

and the risk is that upon tests, the borehole may be decommissioned, and people will face challenges getting water.
“We understand the City of Harare is failing to provide water at household level. Once boreholes are decommissioned, it gives problems to residents, especially women and girls who will have to walk long distances to fetch water,” Gohori said.
Harare Residents Trust member Mukai Murwisi said burst sewage pipes were contaminating underground water, exposing residents who depended on water drawn from shallow wells.
“We have problems with sewer bursts, almost daily, sometimes they come to repair but nothing really changes, there is no progress. Some boreholes were decommissioned after they were found to be contaminated as a result of the sewage system that is in bad shape. It is even difficult to dig wells because our water table has been contaminated our water tables,” she said.
Harare has been struggling with water provision, with its main supply dam, Lake Chivero, heavily contaminated.


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