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Dry spells will not cause hunger: Mohadi

ZIMBABWE’s food security remains guaranteed, despite dry spells that have affected the 2021-2022 summer cropping season, ZANU-PF vice president Cde Kembo Mohadi has said.
Addressing thousands of people at a star rally at Tshefunye Business Centre in Tsholotsho South, Matabeleland North Province yesterday, Cde Mohadi said the ZANU PF-led Government was committed to eliminating poverty in rural areas.

“Our objectives towards our rural transformation efforts include the elimination of poverty through ensuring food security, creation of rural employment opportunities, and ensuring adequate participation by the rural populace in their own development processes.

“As a party we have adopted a number of strategies for this. You can be rest assured that under the Second Republic led by President Mnangagwa, no one will ever go hungry because of the policies we have in place.”
He said through the national devolution programme, the people of Tsholotsho would benefit from the completion of Lake Gwayi-Shangani which will see the creation of a greenbelt to make the district food secure.
“As a party we understand that to build this nation we need to empower our people and give them the freedom to collectively decide their development trajectory. As locals of Tsholotsho you have a deeper understanding of your environment better than anyone, institution or NGO. As Government, we do not envisage to take away that freedom of you owning your development path, but instead we intend to facilitate that process by availing funds for development.”
Turning to the emotive Gukurahundi issue, Cde Mohadi urged the people of Tsholotsho not to allow themselves to be divided by opposition politicians that ride on the historical disturbances to foment disunity.

“Unfortunately, we have an opposition that believes in violence, division and chaos as a formula for development. They have used Gukurahundi to stir up our people’s emotions in order divide us at the expense of development.

‘‘His Excellency, President Mnangagwa has opened the democratic space and has encouraged our people to discuss freely and open up about Gukurahundi so that we can bring closure to this issue and build the country together.

“I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that traditional leaders have a critical and fundamental role to play in peace building and conflict resolution in the country.”

He said although the country has had a number of historical conflicts, people still found each other using indigenous systems to resolve issues.

Source: The Sunday Mail



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