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Destructive rains ravage Gokwe North

Destructive rains ravage Gokwe North
What is left of a toilet at Gwebo Business Centre after a hail storm left a trail of destruction in Gokwe North over the weekend
Destructive rains ravage Gokwe North
MORE than 10 families in Gokwe North were left homeless after a hailstorm hit the area over the weekend.
The storm also caused severe damage at Gwebo Primary School where it blew off roofs from an ECD, computer and another classroom block.
A Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) substation, and some shops at Gwebo Centre also had their roofs blown away by strong winds which were accompanied by heavy rains.
Gokwe North District Civil Protection Unit chairperson who is also the District Development Co-ordinator, Mr Martin Musakanda confirmed the incident.
“I can confirm that Ward 10 in Gwebo experienced heavy winds which caused severe damages to Gwebo Primary School, business centre and nearby villages.
Strong and violent winds and a stormy rainfall blew off roofs at the school, shopping centre and at several households in nearby villages,” said Mr Musakanda.

He said some of the affected had sought refuge at homes of neighbours and friends while others were being forced to continue living in whatever remained at their homes.
Although no casualties or injuries were recorded, people were left homeless and property worth thousands of dollars was destroyed.
“Property was damaged and houses were destroyed.
The main challenge we are facing now is to accommodate the affected families.
The economic environment compounded by the already struggling community implies that it is an insurmountable task to repair the roofs and structures,” he said.
Mr Musakanda said they have since reactivated their taskforce which was now mobilising food and resources for the affected families.
“We are now looking for financial assistance for

the reconstruction work at the school and in the community. We are also looking for a vehicle for use to monitor the situation and fuel for use.
Food assistance can also help under such circumstances to assist those that were left homeless,” he said.


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