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By Tendai Sauta

CITIMED Chitungwiza Hospital has held a successful free Cancer Screening for people living in and around Chitungwiza. The health checks,  which were done to over 300 men and women included, but were not limited to, Breast and Cervical Cancers, Prostate Cancers, general health checks, and eye screening amongst others.

“CITIMED Chitungwiza set aside the 22nd and 23rd of October for the general public to access general health consultations, Breast and Cervical Cancer screenings for women using the hand checks and the mammogram, Prostate Cancer using the VIAC and Eye Screenings,” said Mr. Solomon Bamusi, the Marketing and Public Relations Officer CITIMED Chitungwiza.

“We have specialist doctors from Oncology at The Centre from the CITIMED, Cancer Care Clinic and The Cancer Care Clinic to help us during this Breast Cancer Awareness Month and after. The turnout for the two days was very impressive. Thanks to our partners CITIMED, OPHID, OPTINOVA and Oncology at the Centre Cancer Care Clinic.”

CITIMED First Aid and Assistant Nurses, Nyasha Dingo and Precious Heremani, who were doing the registrations, confirmed that the turn out which was highly visible was a true reflection of willingness by men and women in Chitungwiza to livehealthy lives.

“The majority of the people here are women who wish to carry out Breasts and Cervical Cancer Screenings.” Angela Mhlanga.

Amanda Chikodzore and Manfield Zimhondi from Optinova Eye Care told the press that they had noticed that several men and women who came to their stand had eye problems which needed specialist services.

“We are here for eye screenings.  It’s a free service for the community to get awareness of eye related issues and we recommend that the public should always go for regular eye checks and should know when they need the help of opticians, ophthalmologist and or optometrists,” said Angela Mhlanga.

The Breast Care Awareness exercise at CITIMED went without an official ceremony with flier distributions supplanting verbal speeches. Non-personal information is becoming the order of the day especially on issues to do with HIVAids and issues to do with sexuality.

“The cause of breast cancer is unknown but there are known risk factors which may predispose women to develop breast cancer. It is the second most common cancer in women in Zimbabwe, the highest being cancer of the Cervix,” said a Cancer Association of Zimbabwe representative.

Many people in the queues complained over the restrictive costs of prescriptions written by the doctors.

Medical aid representative Mr. Richard Barura was the busiest man as he explained to many casualties that Bonvie is French for good life which everyone would attain through investing in a Bonvie Medical Aid Scheme.

“As Bonvie we encourage people to champion their health gains through the various low cost and affordable Bonvie Medical Aid Schemes,” said Barura.

“We encourage both men and women to take part in the Breast Cancer Screenings,” said Theodora Mukwangwariwa from Doctor Ndlovu’s Surgery.

“Cervical Cancer is detectable, VIAC detects abnormalities that may become cancer if untreated, Preventable, Stop Cervical Cancer before it starts. Be screened regularly. Screening is simple and painless same day service. Treatable, when detected early, you have a great chance of beating Cervical Cancer. VIAC detects abnormalities that can be treated before cancer develops. This is why it is important to be screened regularly.”



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