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Binga villagers cut off from food aid by flooded river

THE Mabobolo community in Binga is facing starvation after it was cut off from food and other necessities due to the flooded Nakapande River.
Some villagers yesterday told Southern Eye that they have not accessed food for the past four days.
The area also experiences water shortages and has poor road infrastructure, communication facilities, making it difficult for non-governmental organisations to assist the victims.
“Mabobolo villagers have been forced to cross flooded Nakapande River to access food aid in Pashu. This is because the area is stream-locked and vehicles carrying food aid cannot reach the area,” a communication sent to Southern Eye read.
“Nakapande River has no bridge so it makes it difficult for people to cross it so that they can receive food handouts from donors.”
Villagers urged authorities to construct a culvert to enable trucks that ferry food to cross the river.
“The river needs a bridge. It is not easy to cross to Pashu area where a clinic and shops are situated,” the villagers said.
Binga district development co-ordinator Land Kabome said: “They have not yet reported the issue to my office so that we can alert the responsible authorities to assist. I have had discussions with different chiefs and I thought that these were the kind of issues they should have brought up,” Kabome, who also chairs the district Department of Civil Protection, said.
“Just refer them to my office so that we assist.”
Chief Dobola of Mulindi in Binga said villagers were failing to cross the river to get food aid. “Many of the villagers have no food and have been failing to go to Pashu to get the food. A bridge should be constructed to ease this problem,” he said.


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