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Artificial insemination for cows

  • FARMERS have been urged to advise their nearest farmer extension department if they want artificial insemination for their cows.
The Government is targeting to artificially inseminate 100 000 cows across the country to improve national breeds and boost milk production.
Department of Veterinary Services chief director, Dr Josphat Nyika, said the programme has already begun.
“Every individual, whether in rural areas or urban areas, is welcome to participate in this programme because we want to leave no one behind and no place behind,” said Dr Nyika.
“In rural areas, we send a team of experts to a dip tank where those interested will have their cows examined to check if they are not pregnant already, since the insemination causes miscarriage, if the cow is already impregnated.
“We have no limitations to farmers who have large numbers for this artificial insemination programme because we need to increase the number of stocks and improve the breeds.
“Those who are willing to have their cows inseminated, mostly in rural areas, have to contact either the nearest Agritex Department, livestock department or veterinary extension services.”


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