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50MW Hwange thermal power plant complete

ZIMBABWE’S target to become power self-sufficient by next year is fast becoming a reality after the completion of a 50MW thermal power station in Hwange by Zimbabwe Zhong Xing Electrical Energy.
The completion of the 50MW thermal power station, which will be commissioned within the next few months, is expected to drastically reduce the country’s import bill, paving way for the allocation of the foreign currency to other productive sectors.
Zimbabwe Zhong Xing Electrical Energy representative, Wang Shiwei revealed that the 50MW plant is the first phase of a 750MW power station.
“We are now feeding 50MW into the national grid. We have completed the first phase of our project. From here, we will start the construction of the second phase of the project, which will produce 750MW,” said Shiwei.
Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce representative, Josephine Takundwa welcomed the development saying it augurs well with the on-going industrialisation drive.
“This means to us as business that we can improve operations and for manufacturing and mining sectors, they should be able to increase capacity utilisation. It means that they will be able to have more shifts compared to the number of shifts they engaged before the completion of the power plant. The availability of power will ensure smooth operations for industry and commerce,” he said.
Zimbabwe is producing about 1200 MW per day against a peak demand of 1700 MW.
To cover the deficit, ZESA is importing around 400 MW depending on availability from power exporters and the load shedding schedule.


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